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  • Pistachio pesto


    Pistachio pesto
    ideal to season sumptuous dishes giving a delicate and at the same time rich taste. It can also be used for a quick snack such as bruschetta or croutons, ideal for an aperitif. Produced with simple and genuine ingredients and with selected oil. Quality is guaranteed.

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  • Pistachio cream


    This exceptional pistachio cream is ideal for any tantalizing desire: on a slice of bread, inside a giant croissant or simply to be enjoyed alone, with a spoon. The taste of our cream is tired and has dendtro all the aroma and taste of a heart of pistachios selected and processed with care and passion.

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  • Pistachio Paste D.O.P.


    Pistachio paste

    based on

    "Pistachio of Bronte D.O.P."

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  • Hazelnut paste


    100% pure hazelnut paste

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  • Pure Pistachio Paste


    Ingredients: 100% Standard shelled pistachio, product obtained from the refined toasted shelled pistachio.

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  • Panettone al Pistacchio


    Stuffed with pistachio cream, hand-wrapped


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  • Shelled Bronte D.O.P....


    Natural, neither toasted, nor salty

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  • Crispy 100g Pistachio conf


    Crispy bagged individually

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  • Almond paste


    100% Pure Almond Paste

    Semi-finished almonds obtained exclusively from almonds of the highest quality,

    No additives or Dyes, No Added Oils, Ideal for Pastry shops and Ice Cream Parlors)

    Supplied in 1kg and 3kg milk

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  • Pistachio Soft Nougat


    Pistachio Soft Nougat

    Gr 100

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  • Pistachio Grains


    Pistachio grains, ideal for fillings

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  • Almond Shelled Thunder...



    Origin Sicily

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