Products delivery

Delivery Locations 
Il Pistacchio delivers its products within Italian territory, to San Marino republic, to Vatican city, to all European Countries, to Switzerland and to the rest of world's countries.

The shipment costs defined in the website refer just to Italian territory, to learn more about other conuntries shipment costs, please contact us. 

Timing and mode of Delivery 

Brontestore Giuseppa Marullo reserves one day for locating goods, package, and to carry out the necessary administrative procedures. To this day we have to add the time taken by the courier for delivery, time and methods vary depending on the courier that will be used. Delivery is completed within 2 working days via SDA courier for Italy, while fot the rest of Europe we use UPS. If upon delivery no one is present, the courier will leave a paper notice and attempt a second delivery the next day, after that it will be sent to the local post office for a warehousing period of 5 days. The addresse may be able to contact the referral branch of the courier to ask them to hold the goods and then attempt to make the withdrawal at the venue. Delivery is made at the house number indicated on the ground floor, it is not carried out to the upper floors. Any delay in the delivery should not be attributed to the undersigned  but the courier service, we noticed that during standard periods od the year the average shipment time is 2/3 working days, while during festivities such as Christmas and Easter, there could be some delays.

What to do when the product is delivered  
When the courier will make the delivery, you must verify:

  • That the package is intact, nor damaged neither wet or however in compliance with the standard characteristics of a package. 
  • That the number of the packages on the invoice match the number of packages delivered 

Any disputes must be raised immediately to the courier, in the absence thereof, the product is considered delivered correctly . The invoice , contained in the pocket on the outside of the package must be kept.

Right of withdrawal
Il Pistacchio by Alfio Corica recognizes right of withdrawal as seen in law in force. The deadline of this right is fixed at 10 days for the client to notify us: 

  1. Fax: +39 095 2937995
  2. e-mail:

This right allow the Client to choose between:

  • voucher to be spent within a year of its generation, penalty is termination of the credit
  • replacement of goods
  • A refund of money, please indicate details of a bank account or post office CIN code, ABI, CAB code, account number, account holder; the reimbursement is just for the price of the product and not the shipping charges and will be made within 30 days of receipt of merchandise

The only expenses charged to the Client are those realting to shipment of goods. To exercise the right of withdrawal is necessary that:

  • The Client expressess his intention to exercise the right of withdrawal in the above described modes.
  • The purchased good is returned intact and in its original packaging 
  • The product is redelivered on time and on here specified modes. The cost of redelivery are paid by the Customer.  

Once the goods arrived at our warehouse, it will be examined for any damages not caused by transport.