Pistachio it was born with the idea of promoting Bronte Pistaccho in all its forms from Pistachio in Shell to Semi-Finished For the production of the famous Gelato. On our site you will find the history of Pistachio of Bronte from cultivation to its use in the field of nutrition in different forms.

Pistachio it directly provides both the end user and the company that resells or uses it for its own production.

Pistachio directly select the items to be put up for sale, produced by the various local pastry chefs without any additional passage at prices much lower than those you would find in pastry shops or shops.

Our goal is to make our Pistachio known, to enhance it and to make it clear the differences with that coming from other countries such as Iran or Turkey.

Bronte Pistachio is neither toasted nor salted as opposed to foreign pistachio,
this is to make people taste the true taste of our pistachio.


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