copy of Fior di sale with four peppers

With 4 different types of pepper, black, white, pink and green


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The fleur de sel flavored with 4 peppers is a well-balanced blend of 4 different types of pepper, black, white, pink and green, with an aromatic aroma and an intense taste.

Recommended on red meats, white meats, fish and legumes will enhance the flavor of your ingredients giving the typical freshness of Mediterranean dishes.

In the natural reserve oriented in the salt pans of Trapani and Paceco that our products, fleur de sel and salt crystals, are still harvested by hand with the care of the past.

The fleur de sel, is the first crystal that is formed when particular weather conditions occur, and originates from a thin and delicate crust on the surface of the water in the salting tanks, contains a lower amount of sodium and leaves no bitter aftertaste once tasted.

Not being processed, it keeps intact, from harvest to sale, all the properties present in sea water.

Fundamental for the functioning of our body, in particular it helps to promote the transmission of nerve impulses and to keep blood pressure levels stable, it contains minerals such as magnesium and potassium that help not to accumulate liquids and to keep the kidneys and liver healthy, avoiding their fatigue.

The main feature is the exaltation of the flavor of the dishes that accompanies the palate has a decidedly more delicate flavor than normal table salt.

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