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Pasta Pura di Noci Pecan
  • Pasta Pura di Noci Pecan

Pure Pasta of Pecan Walnuts

100% pure Pecan nuts

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Pecans can be consumed alone or in elaborate dishes. In the U.S., Pecan nut pie is a national dish, and small praline snacks (candies) are typical of the city of New Orleans. In Italian cuisine, Pecan nuts are little used but their use completely follows that of traditional nuts. Nb. TheLazy Magnolia Brewing Company in Kiln, Mississippi,produced a beer flavored with Pecan nuts instead of hops.
Pecan nuts are a food that lends itself to fighting hypercholesterolemia and oxidative stress. The high percentage of polyunsaturated fatty acids, phytosterols, vit. E (α-tocopherol) and phenolic substances (flavonoids) leads to the reduction of total and "bad" cholesterol (LDL), as well as predisposition to tumors.
Research conducted by the University of Massachusetts and published in "Current Topics in Nutraceutical Research" has shown that regular consumption of Pecan nuts can also reduce neuromuscular degeneration related to aging; a kind of anti-aging effect.
It has also been hypothesized that, in the presence of other predisposing factors, a diet rich in Pecan nuts can reduce the risk of lithiasis in women.
In addition to fats, Pecan nuts are also rich in dietary fiber, a nutritional element that protects the integrity and functionality of the intestine. From the saline point of view, these products abound in iron and potassium, while as far as vitamins (in addition to tocopherols) are concerned, significant contributions of tartine are highlighted.
Despite the various positive aspects, remember that Pecan nuts are remarkably caloric foods; consequently, their use - to be considered QUANTITATIVELY marginal - should be limited to a few grams per day.

Nutritional values (per 100 g of edible part)

Building part49.0%
Prevalent amino acidsGlutamic acid, Arginine, Aspartic acid
Limiting amino acidlysine
Lipids tot71.8g
Saturated fatty acids6.0mg
Monounsaturated fatty acids25.0mg
Polyunsaturated fatty acids22.0mg
Carbohydrates tot7.9g
Soluble sugars4.3g
dietary fiber9.4g
Soluble fiber0.36g
Insoluble fiber9.07g
vitamin A8.0μg
vitamin C1.0mg
vitamin E4.0mg
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