Pasta pura di Castagne
  • Pasta pura di Castagne

Pure Sesame paste

Only Sesamus in purity


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Superior ice cream

Every product signed Il Pistacchio has a higher quality ice cream; With Peanut Paste, sesame ice cream with an unmistakable flavor is prepared.

Dose of use: g 100 Pasta per litre mixture

Ingredients: 100% Sesamus.

Beneficial properties of sesame seeds
From a nutritional point of view sesame seeds are one of the main plant sources of calcium, they also contain phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, zinc, selenium and a good amount of protein.

They help to strengthen the bones: sesame seeds contain a lot of calcium and are therefore effective in the prevention of osteoporosis especially during the menopause period, such as sunflower seeds that also help collagen production by making bones more elastic. Sesame seeds are therefore a good alternative to dairy products for those suffering from intolerances, useful for reinforcing teeth and bones.

They reduce cholesterol: Thanks to the content of folic acid and B vitamins, sesame seeds bring oleic acid and linoleic acid to the body that help keep bad cholesterol (LDL) under control by increasing levels of good cholesterol (HDL). They are also a cure-all for the cardiovascular system such as pumpkin seeds, thanks to the presence of lignani that keep blood pressure under control.

They fight constipation and protect the liver: sesame seeds help fight constipation as they are rich in fiber, as well as chia seeds, thus help to regain intestinal regularity and reduce abdominal swelling, if taken in the right doses: no more than a handful a day. Thanks to sesamine sesame seeds are also a valid ally of the liver: this important element protects liver tissue from free radicals that accumulate during metabolism, thanks to their antioxidant action.

They favor digestion: the dietary fibers contained in sesame seeds bring benefits to the digestive system: thanks to mucillagini they favor digestion. Its leaves, on the other hand, are used to treat some problems related to the stomach especially in case of gastrointestinal irritations.

Antioxidants and anticans: sesame seeds, thanks to the content of selenium, perform an antioxidant action as they help to counteract the harmful action of free radicals. In this way they also protect the body from the development of colon cancer, thanks also to lytic acid.

They strengthen the immune system and promote the development of children: thanks to the zinc content sesame seeds help to strengthen the immune system naturally, as well as flax seeds. Sesame seeds are also often recommended as supplements in children's diets because they promote growth and are excellent restorative: however, they should not be taken before two years of age.

Excellent in case of hypertension: the lineage contained in flaxseeds perform an anti-hypertensive action, thus helping to keep blood pressure under control. The consumption of these precious seeds also helps prevent the formation of plaques on the walls of the arteries.

They improve circulation by preventing hair loss: sesame seeds help improve blood circulation, this feature, combined with zinc and protein, helps to bring benefits even to the hair by preventing its fall: it is therefore useful in cases of baldness.

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