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Millefiori Italian Honey

Superior nutrients

Vase from
  • 120 g Conventional
  • 120 g Organic
  • 250 g Conventional
  • 250 g Organic

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It is the honey of all flowers in their immense variety and is produced both in hilly and mountainous or flat areas. Millefiori honey is the most common because it is born where there is a multitude of flowers of various types. Its nutrients are superior to all other varieties, since honey is rich in pollen of different origins. It helps to calm cough, is useful in the treatment of flu states and is a powerful antibacterial.

Production 2020

Crystallization affects almost all varieties of honey, except chestnut and acacia varieties that tend to remain liquid due to their composition. It is a natural and inevitable process for the maintenance of enzymes and vitamins and that demonstrates the absolute quality of the product. Crystallized honeys can be easily softened in a bain-marie.


Light yellow

Place of productioncatania plain and in the province of Enna

0,120, 0,250,

Production period

spring, summer


Organic, Conventional

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