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Italian Honey of Sulla

sweet flavor and a vegetable note

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  • 120 g Conventional
  • 120 g Organic
  • 250 g Conventional
  • 250 g Organic

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Sulla is a plant with large red flowers, from which bees obtain a precious honey, which has a sweet taste and a very pleasant vegetable note. The honey of on is an excellent natural detoxifying, diuretic, laxative and regulator of the intestine, with a high energy power and rich in mineral salts. The delicate, vaguely sour and unseduling flavor makes it suitable for any type of use.

Production 2020

Crystallization affects almost all varieties of honey, except chestnut and acacia varieties that tend to remain liquid due to their composition. It is a natural and inevitable process for the maintenance of enzymes and vitamins and that demonstrates the absolute quality of the product. Crystallized honeys can be easily softened in a bain-marie.


Very clear rooster

Place of production

Prov. Enna and Palermo


0,120, 0,250,

Production period

May - June


Organic, Conventional

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