Nocciole Sgusciate gr 200
  • Nocciole Sgusciate gr 200

Peeled hazelnuts and toasted gr 500

In the kitchen hazelnuts are widely used: they can be enjoyed with an aperitif or as snacks, they can be added to cereals, salads, sauces, puddings, cakes and ice creams. If used chopped, hazelnuts, you can mix with butter to accompany fish or crustaceans.


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Nutritional Properties

The seeds, also called hazelnuts, are particularly rich in fat and are therefore used for the production of oil and various food specialties (confetti, nougat, chocolate and various sweets).

The uses of these delicious fruits are really many. In the morning, for example, they can re-enter the composition of muesli or accompany a kiwi for a delicious and healthy snack.

For the important content in proteins and lipids,hazelnuts are a valid substitute for condiments and plastic foods of animal origin. Their nutritional importance also depends on the high content of fiber, vitamins (vitamin E, B6, folates and tionine)and minerals (copper, iron, manganese and calcium). If taken in small doses they have antioxidant, restorative, hypoglycemic and hypocholesterolemizing properties (they are a good source of plant steering). Given their high caloric intake,they should be consumed in moderation (10-20 grams are more than enough), possibly away from meals and associated with a pulpy fruit (kiwi, banana,apple).


655 Kcal

2740 Kjoule

Building part

42 %


4.5 g


6.1 g


64.1 g


1.8 g


8.1 g

Peeled and toasted hazelnuts, pack of 500 gr

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