Nocciole Sgusciate


Hazelnut is the nut of the hazel( Corylus avellana ), which belongs to species of genus Betulaceae;It is native to Asia Minor and can be round or oblique-shaped. Hazelnuts grow in pairs or in groups of three ; they are covered by a green membrane, which is as long as the fruit itself, which must be removed before shelling the nut. The seed ( the true hazelnut) which finds itself in a woody casing, is cream-coloured , oily and sweet and is covered by a brown-colured membrane. Hazelnut Tree was known even before the end of the Glaciation; native to Asia Minor, is mentioned in several Chinese manuscripts that date back to 5,000 years ago; Tracks of hazelnuts were found in Switzerland as well,and they seem to date back to the Chalcolithic. In ancient Rome, hazelnut trees were gifted as a wish for happiness, while in France, they were a gift wishing fertility to the bride and groom.

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