Etna Delicatessen

ORIGINALITY AND QUALITY To obtain a high quality product starting from excellent raw materials is crucial. All of "Terre Nere" products are prepared the traditional way, using just fresh fruit from Sicilian suppliers only. We pay particular care and attention to the selection, preparation and weeding, all done by hand, to preserve and save the texture and integrity of the fruit. We respect the natural rhythm of the seasons, by not using greenhouses producce or frozen fruits, putting instead our efforts only on unprocessed and freshly harvested fruit. Even the lemon juice used for our conserves - the precious essential oils it contains in the bark are used too- is squeezed inside of the company only during the processing. We add to sugar, the only one, natural preservative of our products, Zafferana Etnea honey.
This allows us to obtain a refined sweetness compared to a reduced calorie intake, with the added advantage of an extraordinary palatability, that only a top quality honey can guarantee. The genuineness and the freshness of the fruit of Etna, we combine the specialties that made famous our land: the Avola almonds, pistachios from Bronte, Modica chocolate and nuts born in the woods on the slopes of the volcano. In addition, in our jams, citrus peel finest are candied in orange blossom honey, according to an exclusive process that makes them soft and crunchy at the same time, keeping intact all the flavors and aromas. Jellies, finally, are the will to offer a different way to consume our noblest wines: intense, delicate or combined with exotic spices, perfectly match with cheeses, cold meats and boiled meat, not disdaining even the boldest combinations with fruit, fish and shellfish, in a marriage of flavors able to surprise and enthrall the most refined palates.

TERRITORY AND ENVIRONMENTAL ETHICS The variety of ingredients used in our" Terre Nere" selection reflects the biodiversity of Etna Mountain: both a harsh and generous land, from the sunny citrus trees at sea level, passing through fields of prickly pears and the wonderfully vineyards landscaping, up to the highest altitudes , where the heroic apple orchards defy the fury of the volcano . In addition to our continuous quest for quality, we are proud of our low-impact production cycle: the energy we use comes only from renewable sources and, as a matter of fact, all of our inventories are recycled and addressed to farming . We use exclusively recyclable materials for our packaging, like paper, cardboard, glass , steel and aluminum .

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